Elvis and Annabelle – Trailer

Elvis and Annabelle – Trailer

Blake Lively (“Gossip Girl”) and Max Minghella (Syriana) star in this sexy, romantic love story with an unusual twist. Groomed to be the perfect pageant candidate, Anabelle (Lively) is on the verge of winning it all when she tragically dies onstage. Her body is delivered to the funeral home of Elvis’ family, but just as she is ready to be embalmed, her spirit returns. Trying to make sense of it all, she turns to Elvis (Minghella) for comfort and finds a new chance at love. But after death has brought them together, will life tear them apart?



Josie King says:

Anyone have a working link i can watch this movie that's not going to make my PC sick. Tried all the legit sites. Doesn't seem to be available in my country

Bitnah says:

The trailer doesn't do this movie justice. I felt so moved by both Max and Blake's performances. Such a beautiful movie about death, life, suicide, finding something to live for.

Meana Rizki says:

i love this movie! do you have any recommendations of movies like this?

Hargun Gill says:

Showing the ending in a trailer, great job. No need to watch the movie now, thanks a ton.

em tsan says:


denisa simkova says:

very nice movie  apart from him kissing her when she was dead that was a bit weird 

Maria Elena Arata says:

One of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen…watched it shortly after my boy friend passed away and the final scenes with the sunflowers made me gasp…this was the flower I chose to be represented at his service..

Faith Hunt says:

this trailer does not by any means whatsover suit the beauty and uniqueness in this movie. it outstands me every time i watch, its golden, no movie in existance can remake the feeling this movie sets out. in my opinion this movie will forever reign the greatest!

Nisha says:

Don't watch the trailer. 
I just got the movie; heard it's excellent. Can't wait to watch!

BubbleTeaseXD says:

I really loved this movie ^.^

Chris Dacre says:

I think we just saw the whole film o.O

Rosie Flowers says:

esta e youtube pero en ingles

Alexandra92ns says:

Don't watch the trailer, watch the movie it is so beautiful and genuine you'll love it!!


Sucha. Good movie.

Samantha Marie says:

Loved this movie, Awesome!! 🙂

MissLalove123 says:

I loved this movie when I first saw it. I think it needs more recognition.

Helen Roxanne says:

I watched this movie in the USA and it was amazing! 😀

Mary Holland says:

Love this movie.

Noeli Souza says:

Ótimo esse filme!!

Angelique Kimbangi says:

that's what I just thought…

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