Approaching a community filled with so many rumors and misconceptions is no easy task. Fursonas director Dominic Rodriguez is not without his own biases, but instead of attempting to deny this fact, he faces it head on, unafraid to be shot down by his subjects. Fursonas is a whistleblower film that oscillates between the fantastic and the unusual, with moments of awe and wonder slapped against harsh reality. The audience can delight in infiltrating the fun and sometimes-dark secrets of an escapist group. Whether or not you’ve heard of furry fandom, this documentary transcends its bizarre premise to tell a universal story of identity and community. Like a small town in Middle America, you’ll find friends in the most unusual places and unexpected enemies around every corner. Unlike a small town in Middle America, you’ll find furries.




i love furries

Saphire_pone says:

People shouldn't get hate for doing what they love, I myself am a furry. But we still need to look deeper in meanings before judging things. Calling something "cancer" is number 1 offensive, and number 2 gives no evidence. You need to get more information on stuff before you critize it.

thebestname21422 says:

My friend linked me to this movie and said "Watch this move its good" Lets just say, were not friends anymore

Buck Mulligan says:

I blame this on the lack of strong male role models…

Tahliya Cabrera says:

This is like a Netflix thing

Ani Made It says:

1:30 I found Waldo! (look in the center)

Sans leggett says:

you know what fuck all of those people who hate fuuries

Jack Blood says:

As a furry, I am not sure what to think of this.

『Accelerating Fiction』 says:

Why is this a documentry.I feel this will do more harm than good

FluffyStars29 says:

It could be a great film <3

4Ipha says:

yiff in hell

Dont Even Try says:

This is Truly the most cancerous, disgraceful, awful, thing i've ever seen.

Chris L says:

this got me to really smile. if someone asked me why i do it, i won't rant, i won't go all SJW. Cuz all i have to say is. "Because it's fun."

Aliwolf Aj says:


Dunk'e says:

Autism at its prime extent

TheModdingCat says:

This movie is not good.

Skynet Dreams says:

Fascinating documentary.

Böllerjunge forever says:


redlillium1 says:

Finding out there are furry elitists :0 ….. wow.
Other than that this was a good subculture doc to watch, it was nice to see so many points of view ( i'm sure there's probably plenty more) and I can say I've come away from it with a better understanding of furries . I don't understand all the hubbub sexuality wise, people gonna people what are you gonna do. ¯(ツ)

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