RUNAWAYS (Season 1 Official Trailer) – Season 3 Premieres Nov 22nd!

RUNAWAYS (Season 1 Official Trailer) – Season 3 Premieres Nov 22nd!

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the most controversial couple at a private academy doesn’t show up for school the same day police find the victim of a violent murder. is one of them dead at the hands of the other? or are they on the run?

RUNAWAYS – Season 2 Official Trailer –
RUNAWAYS – Season 1 –
RUNAWAYS Season 1 Playlist –
RUNAWAYS Season 1 Playlist –

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EXEC PRODUCER – Brian Robbins
EXEC PRODUCER – Clark Mathis
PRODUCER – Shauna Phelan
PRODUCER – Scott Levine
PRODUCER – Samuel Limor

ANNE – Stevie Lynn Jones
OLIVIA – Lesli Kay
TREVOR – Alexi Torres
KEESHA – Noell Coet
LILY – Kelcie Stranahan
JARED – Pierson Fode
GLINDA – Sideara St. Claire
KALEE – Karalynn Dunton
MASON – Grant Harvey
DEAN VAN DE SANT – Michael Swan
MIKE HENRY – David Stanford
DRUG DEALER – Juan Alfonso
DETECTIVE – Joe Gadurski

MUSIC – courtesy of


RUNAWAYS Season 1 Playlist –
RUNAWAYS Season 1 Playlist –

do you love One Tree Hill, Smallville, Gossip Girl, the OC, Pretty Little Liars, and other teen tv dramas? then check out RUNAWAYS. the hottest, sexiest, most exciting & controversial couple at an elite, exclusive, private academy doesn’t show up for school the same day Danbury police officers & detectives find the victim of a bloody, violent, shocking murder. the cops interview Glinda, Jared, Anne, Lily, Trevor, Keesha in an attempt to find the lost runaway suspects Kalee and Mason, trying to solve the crime & close the case. is one of the missing teenagers dead at the hands of the other or are they on the run together?




Bella Black says:

Good trailer! I like Grant Harvey and seen him on CSI a few weeks ago.

Amaiya Johnson says:

this is so weird and crazy

Dagmar_Matthys says:

Is there gonna be a season 4?

Camille Pernier says:

Does anyone know the name of the song in the beginning?

jahaira Andrade says:

Where can i watch this? :0

mirrorreflex says:

Which version of Leave the lights on is this?

Bree Centeno says:

Season 3! Season 3! Season 3!

rosa campos says:

are they 5 minute episodes or is there a channel where I could watch the full episodes?

knowlight knowright says:

Make the full episodes available again until you made season 3

edcux says:

Damn I want this Dubstep…How can i Get it!??

Seikax813 says:

Can someone please tell me what this is about?

sntslp says:

Can you put your version of Leave the lights on itunes or youtube? I want it so badly. 🙁 PLEAAAAASE!

Tyler McConnon says:

/watch?v=aWe9ED8MmNY&feature=related 🙂

Lacye.McClung says:

I want the song leave the lights on but I can't find this version anywhere! Where did you get it!?

alexandra leeson says:

american's waterloo road

Theoni Kodu says:

thanks a lot =)

StevenIscrazy13 says:

@MJolnir616 What…?

sky15ish says:

Just Read The Description and you Will Know the Songs

Theoni Kodu says:

which remix is this?

Hrothmeir says:

Sadly, has nothing to do with RUNAWAYS… So disappointing…

#1 lamest dj says:

For a moment I had totally hoped it might be…

xxKelsiexx88 says:

ive already watched all the epiisodes. 😀 when does season 2 come out?

MJolnir616 says:

No Chase. No Alex. No Karolina. No Gert. No Nico. No Molly. No Victor. No point.

Lama A. says:

Its friday and it didnt ccome out yet! OMG I cant wait!

MissSyrinxie says:

Love Kurt Hugo Schneider!! I'm so so so excited!!! 🙂

Maya Budayr says:

there is an august 31 look on you calander

Morgan Hales says:

omg when i saw the bloody hand on the car handle i dieced i was gonna be hooked on this i bet i will be

John Veres says:

Your ads are really annoying….

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