Watch the Official EAT PRAY LOVE Trailer in HD

Watch the Official EAT PRAY LOVE Trailer in HD

Release Date: 13 August 2010 (United States)
Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) is a modern woman on a quest to marvel at and travel the world while rediscovering and reconnecting with her true inner self in Eat Pray Love. At a crossroads after a divorce, Gilbert takes a year-long sabbatical from her job and steps uncharacteristically out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life. In her wondrous and exotic travels, she experiences the simple pleasure of nourishment by eating in Italy; the power of prayer in India, and, finally and unexpectedly, the inner peace and balance of love in Bali. Based on an inspiring true story, Eat Pray Love proves that there really is more than one way to let yourself go and see the world.

Genre: Drama / Romance
Cast: James Franco, Richard Jenkins, Julia Roberts, Billy Crudup, Viola Davis, Javier Bardem
Director: Ryan Murphy
Screenplay By: Jennifer Salt, Ryan Murphy

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FlywithKristina says:

I think the people complaining that she had money to travel before writing are missing the point. The message is not about money. It's not about traveling. Its not about divorce. It's how blocking that inner spiritual force inside that is YOU (the one that may lead you to spend all your money to travel, or leave your husband, or even write a book) can leave you unhappy and unsatisfied no matter the situations in your life.

BeautyLilya says:

2017 – Eat, pray love, divorced again and now a lesbian

By E. Gilbert

shadan hani says:

I love this movie

Salsabil Hena says:

The book was a game changer at some point in my life. Really wanna watch the film!

shay A says:

You only have one life so what is it to live it solely for yourself. Everyone is shouting "oh its a white woman's problem", but it just shows why this movie was made. The people that say this are endlessly working for others and this movie just shows that at some point you should live it for yourself. You get only 100 years on this earth. It is not insanity to live one year for solely yourself. Take a breather. While this movie is exaggerated, it just shows how many people reject the idea of loving yourself rather than money or your family. I'm in no situation to do the same as the character portrayed in this movie, but I hope to do so in whatever future I have left. 1/100 years is not that much time to truly appreciate yourself and white women should not be the only ones that love themselves enough to give themselves a year. It's hard not to live your life for money, but when you are dead money is valueless.

sanjee singh says:

Changed my life..

Oscar Jaym Astorga says:

is that Adore Delano or Ivanka Trump?

Hermione Draco Malfoy says:

You know why I hate this movie? It doesn't show James Franco all that much and he needs to have a freaking better role because I wanna gaze at him throughout the movie!!!!

GG Mobile says:

1:46 Has anyone tried that spiky green fruit before?

Line Moen says:

Apselutt en ev mine favoritt filmer <3. Seen it lots off time when i have had time to do it … Great acters to ! 🙂 thanks .

Swastikano says:

The pretty woman on a long trip.

VictrolaJazz says:

A feminist cliche from start to finish.

Nadjelaa Benmesmoudi says:

One of my favorit movies ❤️❤️

panteranera says:

che film di merda è pieno di stereotipati del cazzo

Gustavo Herrera says:

How come no one taught that old man how to brush his teeth? He literally has 4 teeth left in his head.

Pfsif says:

How would woman react if a man left his family, banged a bunch of Asian girls but found himself in the end. I'll wait for the applause!

pinky gamers says:

that my country



Juan Mata says:

This is the crap of tutti crappi…

Hi Jack says:

She travelled only to countries with start with an "I"
Not sure whether that was on purpose or just a coincidence

Earl Thepearl says:

Worst movie ever made!!! True story… spare yourselves dont look it up… I'm looking forward to reading the book!

Ed Denoy says:

Those Italians seem like such welcoming people,but that has not been my experience since I risked my life to get here in a leaking boat.They are not friendly to foreigners like me.

Victory Salta says:

She left her husband and a day later moved in with a new guy, then she dumped the second guy so that she could find herself and stay alone for a while. Then her traveling brought her to the third guy and she thinks she found herself by being with him. Really for the person from the third world country this is ridiculous!

Chounette says:

I am 22 and i'm a lone-woman-traveller (and a student, tho) since last year. Barcelona, and this summer Roma. It's a fantastic way to feel truly alive, to me. And to achieve my very specific life-dreaming  : to have travelled the whole world before i die 🙂 Fantastic book and now i just wanna Watch the movie 🙂

Sammy Black says:

I had three sisters and I swear all of them went through this phase in their lives. But in the end you just swap romantic pleasure for spiritual pleasure…..

alè says:

white people problems: existentialism

Abeer Ody says:

i didn't watch the movie yet. but the book, the book took me out from depression , after 5 years of depression this book changed my life,my mind and my point of view.even i didn't travel like you, even i cant do it.. but the heal is their.. you could change my destroying life.. am thankful ..

EpicKing7375 says:

>Be husband
>Be good husband
>Not Superman, but an overall good person
>Gets divorced by wife
>Don't know why
>Two days later
>Discover the majority of my funds are missing from my bank account
>Find out ex-wife is currently traveling the world and visiting different iconic locations
>mfw when she said she found herself
>mfw when she found herself another man

supercumrat64 says:

I always sidestepped around Eat, Pray, Love being condescending and thinking that it would be some middle aged white woman ranting about Christianity and how she "found god". When I pushed my arrogance aside and finally sat down to read after multiple friends recommended it to me, what I found was a truly inspiring, beautiful book. I may be an atheist, but I myself found joy, comedy, and wisdom in the memoir even still. A definite read and I can't wait to watch the film.

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